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Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 3:58 am
by KendallB
Hands up if you have ever VOLUNTARILY bought a rocket artillery attachment!

It has to be the worst way to spend 10 points - contributes a single die at long range only and makes your artillery the same width as a large unit (therefore more chance of having to split fire, less angle when pivoting, more units can fire at it) without the benefit of being large. All you get is the extra die ignores a -POA at cover.

This is a pity because they look cool.

I think 4 points is more like it.

Also the only action where they didn't fire at a town was on the 17th June 1815 when the British rockets were covering the retreat to Waterloo. They were supporting the Guard cavalry so it would be nice if you could attach rockets to cavalry for a single long-range pot shot!