Frustration with UI on iPad

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Frustration with UI on iPad

Post by KokodaTrail » Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:04 am

First of all thanks for continuing to make great games, I spend way too much time playing...

Now to my gripes... on the iPad it is way to easy to swipe units into the wrong location by mistake and there is no way to undo a move. This could ruin an otherwise good campaign, when you inadvertently expose a weak unit or shift it to a location where it should not go. Please offer an undo function, similar to what is in place in Panzer General.

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Re: Frustration with UI on iPad

Post by scarfacetarraff » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:34 pm

I agree. I've also found it's difficult to "escape" from certain views/screens. I find I need to select another tab, then tap the map off to the side to just get back to playing the game. Additionally, during the AI turns, the view shifts to areas of the map where nothing is going on. I hear the action from AI moves, but I cannot view it as it happens. I then need to review each front very closely to see what took place. Last thing, the AI turns are excruciatingly long.

I do like the game, very much so.
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Re: Frustration with UI on iPad

Post by lordzimoa » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:43 pm

The zoom bug has been fixed by the way a temporarily solution is to always zoom in before you end turn.

We also put all attack and switch overlays more clearly on top of the units to prevent as much as possible accidental moves.

Both will be with you any day now in the new patch.

An undo button is something we will include into the next Commander game, back engineering it now is sadly just too complex, but something we definitely will have in our new games within the Commander series.

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Re: Frustration with UI on iPad

Post by carlisimo » Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:12 pm

As long as we're talking about the iPad:

Is there a way of checking a general/admiral/pilot's stats before placing him? Not just when you get one at the beginning of a turn, but also when they're recovering from "injury".

What's the intended way to cancel placing a new unit? I click on the production tab to go to the production screen, but is there a better way?

Sometimes I get a bug in which the selection screen doesn't work. It's stuck on a unit, and tapping on another one doesn't change what I see. I have to reload the latest save (speaking of which, thank you for Autosave!). It's rare so I haven't been able to identify a trigger for it.

UI stuff not specific to the iPad

Sometimes a ship's allowed movement spaces have a gap at or near where an enemy ship is (inside the fog of war). Is that intentional?

If the production screen has a cancel button, couldn't the research screen have one too? (For labs added or deleted, or for focus changes.)

The management box showing casualties or kills excludes the countries that have surrendered. I'd MUCH rather see their numbers instead of stats for countries that never joined the war!

How is victory determined? There are a bunch of stars in the management screen, but when 1919 rolls around (and the war's still going) I get a message box and I assume it's related to how many stars I earned, but it's not clear.

All minor stuff, really, especially once the swap-positions arrows are easier to see!

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