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Posted: Thursday, June 13, 2019 by Daniele Meneghini

Type: Contest

Hi everybody,

We felt that both the Armored Brigade developers and the community could benefit if there was a common place to share source materials, as well as opinions and feedback on armies either the team or modders could cover.

The era covered by the game is unique in the sense that there is plenty of public information, but they are seldom self-evident to find, especially for non-native speakers of a given country.

To fill this void, we have created a “Research” sub-forum where community members are free to share information and help gathering such important knowledge.

We have currently opened threads covering France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Canada, but you are absolutely free to suggest other country-specific forums.

Head over to the subforum to read more details on how we plan to organize this.


Two important disclaimers:


  1. we have opened this subforum for publicly available information only. Make sure you do not post any classified information. If you post any equipment data or information, we would appreciate if you included the source, but ultimately it is your responsibility to not share anything you are not supposed to.


  1. a country/region receiving a sub-forum here does not guarantee that it will be included in a future expansion for the game. Quite simply, we have not planned long enough to know when -if at all- a given country would see official treatment. On the other hand, if anybody wants to create a mod using information/opinion contributed here on the forum, they are of course free to do so.


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