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Posted: Monday, August 21, 2017 by Daniele Meneghini

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Field of Glory II will have a massive variety of armies to choose from, each one with peculiar units reflecting the strategy and tactics used during that time.

Each Army List has been accurately researched and with them, you’ll find the Ancient World more vibrant than ever.

We have received requests from many of you, wondering exactly what (and how many) historical factions will be available, and your requests haven’t been gone unnoticed!

Below you can find a complete list in alphabetical order of every Army List present in Field of Glory II.

Are you ready to enter the battlefield?

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FOG2 Army Lists – Rise of Rome (Alphabetically)


  • Ancient British 60 BC - 80 AD
  • Apulian 420-203 BC
  • Arab 312 BC - 476 AD
  • Armenian 331 BC - 252 AD
  • Armenian (Tigranes) 83-69 BC
  • Atropatene 320-145 BC
  • Atropatene 144 BC - 226 AD
  • Bithynian 297-74 BC
  • Bosporan 348-85 BC
  • Bosporan 84-11 BC
  • Bruttian or Lucanian 420-203 BC
  • Campanian 280-203 BC
  • Carthaginian 280-263 BC
  • Carthaginian 262-236 BC
  • Carthaginian 235-146BC
  • Carthaginian (Hannibal in Italy) 218-217 BC
  • Carthaginian (Hannibal in Italy) 216-203 BC
  • Carthaginian (Hannibal in Africa) 202 BC
  • Caucasian 320 BC - 476 AD
  • Dacian 50 BC - 106 AD
  • Galatian 280-63 BC
  • Galatian 63-25 BC
  • Gallic 300-101 BC
  • Gallic 100-50 BC
  • Germanic Foot Tribes 105 BC - 259 AD
  • Graeco-Bactrian 250-130 BC
  • Greek 280-228 BC
  • Greek 227-146 BC
  • Greek (Western) 280-49 BC
  • Iberian or Colchian 331 BC - 252 AD
  • Illyrian 350 BC - 25 AD
  • Indian 500 BC - 319 AD
  • Indo-Greek 175 BC - 10 AD
  • Indo-Parthian 60 BC - 130 AD
  • Indo-Skythian 95 BC - 50 AD
  • Italian Hill Tribes 490-275 BC
  • Jewish 167-64 BC
  • Jewish 64 BC - 6 AD
  • Kappadokian 260 BC - 17 AD
  • Kushan 130 BC - 476 AD
  • Libyan 220 BC - 70 AD
  • Ligurian 480-145 BC
  • Macedonian 320-261 BC
  • Macedonian 260-148 BC
  • Mountain Indian 492-170 BC
  • Nabataean 260 BC - 106 AD
  • Numidian or Moorish 220-56 BC
  • Numidian or Moorish 55 BC - 6 AD
  • Parthian 250 BC - 225 AD
  • Pergamene 262-191 BC
  • Pergamene 190-129 BC
  • Pontic 281-111 BC
  • Pontic 110-85 BC
  • Pontic 84-47 BC
  • Ptolemaic 320-167 BC
  • Ptolemaic 166-56 BC
  • Ptolemaic 55-30 BC
  • Pyrrhic 280-272 BC
  • Rhoxolani 350 BC - 24 AD
  • Roman 280-220 BC
  • Roman 219-200 BC
  • Roman 199-106 BC
  • Roman 105-25 BC
  • Saka 300 BC - 50 AD
  • Samnite 355-272 BC
  • Sarmatian 350 BC - 24 AD
  • Scots-Irish 50 BC - 476 AD
  • Seleucid 320-206 BC
  • Seleucid 205-167 BC
  • Seleucid 166-125 BC
  • Seleucid 124-63 BC
  • Skythian 300 BC - 50 AD
  • Slave Revolt 73-71 BC
  • Spanish 300-10 BC
  • Spanish (Sertorius) 80-70 BC
  • Syracusan 280-211 BC
  • Thracian 350 BC - 46 AD
  • Umbrian 490-260 BC

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