Gary Grigsby's War in the East

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Turn Based Strategy
Setting:  World War II
Rel Date:  06/12/2010
Langs:  English

$ 39.99

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$ 49.99
Platform:  PC
Complexity:  Advanced
Players:  1-2
Min Spec:  1.5GHz
Windows XP/Vista/7
128MB DirectX 9+ Compatible video card
16 bit DirectX 9+ Compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 1.5 GB Free
DirectX version: 9.0c or higher
Multiplayer:  Active PBEM
[29 Feb 2012] War in the east is updated

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East Is Updated
A major update in preparation for a new expansion release We are
[15 Dec 2011] Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 1.4.45 Update

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East Gets a Major Update! The acclaimed Eastern Front strategy masterpiece receives...

is the spiritual heir to the great Eastern Front board and computer wargames of the past; a turn-based World War II strategy game down to the division and brigade level, stretching across the entire Eastern Front at a 10 mile per hex scale. Gamers can engage in massive, dramatic campaigns, including intense battles involving thousands of units with realistic and historical terrain, weather, orders of battle, logistics and combat results. As with all the award-winning titles made by the 2by3 Games team, factors such as supply, fatigue, experience, morale and the skill of your divisional, corps and army leaders all play an important part in determining the results at the front line. Gary Grigsby’s War in the East comes with 4 massive campaigns as well as many smaller scenarios all with different strategic and operational challenges.


Division sized maneuver units with thousands of battalion and regiment sized support units

Many different classes of support units like artillery, engineer, ski, anti-tank, pioneer, tank destroyer, and much more

German Corps/Army HQ's and Soviet Army/Front HQ's

Air units are organized group and can run both night and day air missions, complete with night fighters

Manually upgrade aircraft within units or automate new aircraft allocation

Detailed production with Russian factory evacuations realistically modelled with production penalties and rebuilding delays

Extensive spreadsheets and reports representing tons of data and information

Detailed yet automated accounting for support personnel and supplies/fuel/ammunition

Losses in individual vehicles and squads

Display of the various modifiers affecting how efficient units receive what they need

More than 500 historical commanders with a detailed promotion and rating system

Leaders can be dismissed, executed, fired, killed in action

8 rating fields measuring different attributes from combat skill to political rating

Very detailed system to account for troops/vehicles that are disrupted, disabled and fatigued

Accurate modelling of the need for training units before entering combat

Detailed weather zones and ice levels for rivers with the option to randomize or fix weather patterns for each scenario

Intricate Fog of War rules and unit detection levels – units are rated based on their ability to conceal themselves and their ability to recon other units


Historia Games (French) - "8.0/10 - War in the East is a great game, a great richness and depth rarely seen in a wargame, without falling into the unit's micro-management. However, it reserve for a community of players who made ​​the effort to read the manual. But once we crossed the line, this game is easier to master than it looks. Simulate the eastern front on this scale, with more detail and realism is, I think, become impossible. The future will tell me if I'm wrong..."

Estrategas de Sillon (Spanish) - "A great game, the culmination of the hardest strategy , a kind of simulator field command, a game you can not miss all those that you feel as General potential to be".

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