Field of Glory - Swords and Scimitars Digital Vers

Platforms:  PC, Mac
Genre:  Wargame
Setting:  Medieval
Rel Date:  29/11/2010
Langs:  English

$ 19.99
Including VAT
Platform:  PC
Complexity:  Medium
Players:  1-2
Min Spec:  1.6 GHz CPU
512Mb RAM
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
80 MB available hard disk space
Integrated Graphics Card supporting OpenGL 1.1.
Screen Resolution 1024 x 600
Multiplayer:  Active PBEM
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The latest installment in the Field of Glory ser
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This essential add-on covers the armies fighting for and against The Crusades in Outremer in the 11th to 13th centuries AD. Outremer (“overseas”) was the general name given to the Crusader states established after the success of the First Crusade.

As well as being a clash between two opposing religions and cultures, the Crusades were also a clash between two very different but equally potent military systems. The Crusaders (termed “Franks” by everyone in the East) relied on armoured knights on heavy horses, charging in close order with couched lances. This contrast between the equipment and tactics of the opposing sides makes for interesting and challenging wargaming.
Remember you need Field of Glory to play any of the add-on packs !

New Field of Glory Game Features
New terrain: Soft Sand
Maps: 10 New maps added to the DAG map system, all including soft sand.

Evade options: A player can now set if he wants to always evade with skirmishing battle groups, to never evade or to let the computer AI to decide when to evade.

New Scenario Editor Features
Besides a whole new interface making editing existing and creating new battlefields even easier 218 historical unit images have been added to the game system editor that are only available to owners of Swords and Scimitars.

New Historical Battles
Antioch 1098AD, Arbaq 957AD, Arsouf 1191AD, Durazzo 1081AD, Dysert O'Dea 1318AD, Manzikert 1071AD, River Indus 1221AD, Starter Army Battle - Ilkhanid Mongol vs Later Crusader, Starter Army Battle - Komnenan Byzantine vs Ayyubid Egyptian, Tinchebrai 1106AD, Hattin 1187AD

New Digital Army Generator Armies
Early Crusader, Later Crusader, Fatimid Egyptian, Georgian, Seljuk Turk, Cuman, Komnenan Byzantine, Cilician Armenian, Syrian States, Arab Cities, Bedouin, Khwarazmian, Ayyubid Egyptian, Middle Serbian, Middle Bulgarian, Medieval Cypriot, Post Latin Conquest Byzantine, Latin Greece, Ilkhanid Mongol, Mamaluk Egyptian.
Allowing for all the different historical variations on the above there are 40 different D.A.G. army lists included in Swords and Scimitars.

Other Army Packs Available



The fourth add-on pack for Field of Glory is now available!

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