Frontline: Road to Moscow

Platforms:  iPhone, iPad, PC, Android
Genre:  Turn Based Strategy
Setting:  World War II - Eastern Front
Rel Date:  20/05/2014
Langs:  English, Deutsch, Russian

$ 2.99
Including VAT
Platform:  iPhone & iPod Touch
Complexity:  Medium
Players:  1
Min Spec:  iPhone 4,4s,5, 5S, 5C
Multiplayer:  No
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It’s the summer of 1941. The German launched the massive invasion of Russian steppes. The three vectors of the ...
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It’s not a secret that Frontline: Road to Moscow was a huge success on iPad and iPhone. Thanks to the supp...

Take Russia. Bring War.


Players command the German army through some of the most famous battles of the war, leading the mighty Wehrmacht on towards Moscow.

The variety of maps and battle situations is what makes Frontline so different and engaging: players are confronted with blitzkriegs, trench wars and dog fights, but also unusual situation such as missions to capture an armoured convoy, recover important documents, capturing strategic positions and destroy fortifications.

Units will upgrade throughout the game, based on combat success and experience. This will prove to be an extremely powerful tool to progress in the game providing the players with a personalized army depending on their style of play.

30 battle scenarios:  all inspired by historical missions which took place between the summer of 1941 to late 1944

  • Land, naval and aerial combat: all units have strengths and weaknesses encouraging different uses, adding an extra strategic layer to the game. There are over 100 of them!
  • Unlock and upgrade: units will develop unique abilities based on the style of play. New units become available when progressing through the campaign>
  • Maps are created to reflect the real terrain and their dramatic impact on gameplay
  • A unique visual style: Frontline looks different from any other strategy game you’ve played


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