Field of Glory - Wolves From the Sea

Platforms:  Book
Genre:  Miniatures Gaming
Setting:  Ancient & Medieval
Rel Date:  16/02/2009
Langs:  English
This book is out of print and only available in the FoG digital reader.

Wolves From The Sea

Attack from out of the sea mist to bring fire and sword to the peoples of Europe as a Viking Jarl, or stand in the Saxon shieldwall in defence of your homes with Wolves From the Sea, the new Field of Glory gaming companion. With the decline of Rome, the Empire fell prey to barbarian hordes – the dark ages had come. With hundreds of new troop types, detailed historical overviews of each army and supporting maps and artwork, this companion volume allows gamers to recreate and rewrite the entire history of this savage period, from King Arthur to Alfred the Great.

This army companion contains:

Post-Roman British
Early Welsh
Later Scots-Irish
Merovingian Frankish
Later Pictish
Early Slavic
Middle Anglo-Saxon
Early Navarrese
Carolingian Frankish
Great Moravian
Early Scots
Early Medieval French
Early Medieval German
Early Polish

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