End of season round-up . . .

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End of season round-up . . .

Post by stockwellpete » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:11 pm

End of season round-up

I think this has been our best season so far. The tournament received an enormous boost at the start with the enrolment of over 20 completely new players bringing the number of players entering Season 4 to 70. This was the biggest total since Season 1. This season was also notable for the introduction of a revised scoring system following strong support for it in a pre-season poll and it seems to have worked very well.

Classical Antiquity
We had a new name reach the top In Division A this time with dkalenda (Seleucids) achieving a 7 match winning sequence that was sufficient to keep him just ahead of a large chasing pack including klayeckles, ruskicanuk, harveylh and pantherboy. A mention must go to Ulysisgrunt, who normally plays in the third tier, for winning 3 matches to ensure he will play in the top flight again next season. At the bottom nyczar and rexhurley found the going very tough and it was eventually rexhurley who filled the automatic relegation place. Division B was very close and it was Hendricus (Romans), who finished all his matches in about two weeks and posted a modest total of 24 points, who eventually triumphed when XLegione lost his last match. There was only 7 points separating first and eighth in this division. Things were much more straightforward in Division C where deve (Ptolemaics) achieved a whitewash in his first season with 9 consecutive wins. herm finished strongly to come second, while at the bottom Barrold713 won his last match to relegate Tresantes. Division D was comprised of all new players and it was sunnyboy (Spanish) who eventually prevailed. There were very solid performances as well from Geffalrus, General Shapur, Karvon, bobka and MorkinTheFree.

Late Antiquity
dkalenda (Romans) also triumphed in this section in Division A with a win in his last match against pantherboy after these two had pulled well away from the rest of the field. Cunningcairn was relegated after Nijis had registered his only win in their match together. Just as in Classical Antiquity, Division B was won by a player who completed all but one of his matches in the first few weeks of the tournament. youngr (Jewish Revolt) won 8 of his matches to finish comfortably ahead of SpeedyCM and XLegione. Trogilus was relegated without winning a match. In Division C, jjaquemond (Kingdom of Soissons) eventually overhauled the long time leader greekiraklis to win the automatic promotion place. Both players achieved an excellent 8 wins, but jjaquemond drew his other match to win by 3 points. Both players can expect to play in Division B next season. At the bottom it was Zardoz02 who had a torrid time of it all season and he was relegated. Again, Division D was made up of mostly new players to the tournament and it was MorkinTheFree (Ptolemaics) who stayed on to beat the early front runner sunnyboy.

Early Middle Ages
Normal service was resumed in Division A where pantherboy (Bretons) really dominated for much of the season and he finished 8 points ahead of ruskicanuk, who, in turn was 6 points ahead of third-placed Triarii. The rest of the players were fairly closely bunched together except for paulmcneil who was relegated. Division B saw an excellent breakthrough performance by melm (Sassanids) who won 8 of his matches to gain automatic promotion to the top flight next season. youngr and rexhurley both had very good seasons to finish second and third respectively. At the bottom, ggarynorman defeated gamercb in a crucial relegation battle right at the end of the season that meant gamercb was relegated. In Division C, MorkinTheFree (Romano-British) won the top spot in a very tight race with Geffalrus and deve with all three players registering 7 wins each.

ianiow (Egyptians) was far too good for everyone else in Division A and he finished ahead of fast-finishing klayeckles by 3 points. Nijis came a very creditable third. At the bottom, paulmcneil struggled all season, and despite winning his last match, he was relegated. There was a very exciting finish in Division B where XLegione (Carthaginians) held off a late challenge from newcomer Jagger2002 to win by a solitary point. Cunningcairn had a strong season to finish third. It was very close at the bottom between four players, but eventually it was edb1815 who was relegated after losing to fellow struggler GDod. Ulysisgrunt also narrowly avoided relegation by picking up a point in his last match despite losing. In Division C, Geffalrus (Athenians) entered as a late reserve and proceeded to crush everything in sight, including the long-term leader greekiraklis, finishing up with a complete whitewash of 9 consecutive victories. greekiraklis had a great season too winning 8 of his 9 matches. deve, cromlechi and desertedfox all did very well with 6 victories each.

Themed Event
This section was based on the Frankish and Germanic war bands and the early history of the Merovingian dynasty. At the qualifying stage there was a bit of a surprise when IMC won Group B ahead of Nosy_Rat and Nijis and schmolywar returned to the tournament by winning Group D very, very comfortably indeed. In the quarter-finals, dkalenda defeated the winner of the last two Themed Events, Nosy_Rat by 2-0 and hidde decisively brought schmolywar's comeback to an end. IMC and rexhurley finally met their matches in the semi-finals, both players having done really well to progress so far. The final between dkalenda and hidde ended up in a decisive victory for dkalenda, a third championship for him in Season 4.

Final word
Thanks to everyone who participated in Season 4. I think this season had everything really. Some really close finishes throughout the league. The arrival of a new "super star" in dkalenda (no pressure :D ); and the break though into the top flight of a number of new players including XLegione, melm, youngr and Hendricus. And finally, there were 9 prize vouchers awarded at the end of the season. Five of them went to players who had entered the FOG2DL for the first time.

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Re: End of season round-up . . .

Post by devoncop » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:30 pm

Excellent summary of an excellent season.

It was indeed great to see so many new players.

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Re: End of season round-up . . .

Post by edb1815 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:01 pm

Thank you to Pete for running the show! Well done.

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Re: End of season round-up . . .

Post by XLegione » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:07 pm

Thanks Pete! Great job as usual!



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Re: End of season round-up . . .

Post by Morbio » Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:39 am

Thanks for all the hard work Pete! :)

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