Version 1.3.0 Released

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Version 1.3.0 Released

Post by SephiRok » Thu May 08, 2014 2:06 pm

Download and apply the update by launching Pandora.

NOTE: Saved games from previous versions are not compatible with this version.

This free update adds substantial new features and content. Among them are the ability for formers to harvest tiles, raise and lower land, as well as several new construction options. Diplomacy has been improved with the possibility of asking other factions to declare war or offer peace to third parties. Alliances are now more meaningful through shared vision. Multiplayer support has also been improved with drop-in functionality and the ability to reconnect to games. Thanks to community member and player, Puxxup, this update also comes with a brand new Italian translation.

Those are just some of the highlights. Please see below for the full list of changes, including balance tweaks and fixes.

* Added new Former improvements: Suburb, Purifier, Construction Bay, Field Laboratory and Energy Park, unlocked through the new Pandoran Construction technology in the Colonization Era.
* Added ability for Formers to harvest food and minerals from territories, unlocked through the new Remote Autonomous Harvesting technology in the Colonization Era.
* Added ability to raise and lower terrain, unlocked through the new Terraforming technology in the Mechanization Era.
* Added diplomacy option to demand war declaration or peace offer to third party.
* Added shared vision between allies.
* Added ability to (re)connect to a running multiplayer game. Games will stay listed in the game browser while running.
* Added new multiplayer game option "Drop-In" to allow joining players to take over disconnected and AI players after the game has started.
* Added toggle yield overlay button.
* Added stories from the manual to the in-game compendium (storyID attribute in xmls).
* Added Italian translation thanks to Puxxup.
* Added option to specify a time limit for the turn duration.
* Added option to set alliances before the start of the game by assigning teams.
* Added spectator mode.
* Added automation settings for new improvements.

* Increased technology costs scaling.
* Changed negative food to decrease growth instead of sharply applying a negative growth.
* Doubled maximum rank from 10 to 20.
* Modifying features is no longer allowed inside other players' borders unless at war.
* City no longer provides +1 food and +1 minerals.
* Light biological ground units now have -25% power on plains.
* Airborne units now have +25% power vs ground units on plains.
* Improved battle panel clarity.
* Reduced upkeep for experience and defense buildings from 2 to 1.
* Increased ATV sight range from 2 to 3.
* Multiplayer now requires same game version.
* Doubled connection timeout from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
* Updated engine backend.
* Tweaked language.
* Minor tweaks and fixes.

* Fixed spitters and AI controlled artillery not attacking.
* Fixed AI producing too cheap units and buildings on epic and marathon game pace.
* Fixed hints for former orders not always showing correct turn durations.
* Fixed automated formers using terraforming options that aren't available yet.
* Fixed spectators crashing when a player is eliminated.
* Fixed apostrophes in certain language values crashing the game.
* Fixed crash when selecting to load a single player spectator game.
* Fixed auto-cycle selecting the next idle unit on turn start when in a city.
* Fixed aircraft getting extended sight in forts and observatories.
* Fixed wrapping issues in the battle panel.
* Fixed fanatic friendly to neutral transition cinematic.
* Fixed colonists disappearing due to missing available slots.
* Fixed "Could not initialize game." issues.

* Removed obsolete reward attribute from technology xmls.

Full change log.
Rok Breulj
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Re: Version 1.3.0 Released

Post by Kolorabi » Thu May 15, 2014 1:45 pm

These new features and improvements looks very interesting. I'm absolutely going to reinstall this to have a go at it when the Steam-version releases. Looking forward to more information about the Messari thing.

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